Saturday, 28 June 2014

Les Girls - Hey You Love

Thanks to discussion forum regular Jez, who has drawn myn attention towards another example of Flick Colby's choreography from Sez Les, Les Dawson's variety show, featuring their dance troupe, Les Girls. This time, they're dancing while Mac & Katie Kissoon sing Hey You Love.

The series featered a fairly innovative set design: where the audience, performers and musicians were all mixed together on different levels: and this routine fesatures innovative choreography, where the dancers never seem to be able to decide whether to wear their skirts or not.

Thanks to Jez for the heads-up, and PattiforPM for the YT link.

watch on youtube | telly | download from zippyshare (43 MB)


Ryan said...

Nice clip, nice dancers, the two at the very top were bang tidy i must say. Its hard to dislike a dance performance were the dancers remove clothing.

VintageVideos said...

The date of the show is 12/08/1972. The clip has been released on a 2-DVD set called "Herinnert u zich deze nog?". The set features another Les Girls dance to Blue Mink's 'Wacky, Wacky, Wacky'.