Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Legs & Co. - Las Vegas

Here's a second clip from Legs & Co, on ITV's The Video Entertainers, 27 July 1982. I don't know anything about the song Las Vegas, and I can't identify the singer. As with the previous clip, the dancers, but (as identified on the discussion forum) are Lulu, Patti, Sue, "Patricia" and "Tanya".


Ryan said...

I quite get the impression that Lulu, Patti & Sue rather enjoyed being allowed to be a little bit raunchier over on the commercial station with their BBC shackles removed. I enjoyed this and the song was okay too.

PattiforPM said...

Yep our threee originals look truly hot in Las vegas. Lovely to se them in 1982 and it certainly leaves me wanting to see more.

Suefan said...

Thanks for this YMG and certainly a better copy than the first one I found. I'm wondering if this might have been their last appearance on the box?