Saturday, 7 January 2012

Ruby Flipper - Games People Play

My thanks once again go to PattiforPM, who has sent me another Ruby Flipper clip from Lena Martell's TV show.

In this clip, Lena sings Joe South's Country classic Games People Play, while the Flipsters dance dressed as arguing petulant kids.

Watch this on mobypicture | | Download from Mediafire (30.3 MB)


PattiforPM said...

Well it's not complex or graceful but quite fun and the ladies look cute I think. I always imagine Flick writing these simple routines on the back of a napkin in some London cafe. Two comments; short boy-shorts are one of the things I don't miss from the 70s and if that guy [?David] doesn't start treating Patti with a little more respect I'm gonna thump him.

Ryan said...

Well for a second i thought that Patti and David might be on for a bit of a snog in this one,LOL.
No i thought of the 3 weve had so far, this is the weakest to date. Its just like their going through the motions, could be Ms Martells robotic singing style that leads me to this opinion.
You know what, im kinda glad Sue sat these dances out. On saying that, its a great thrill to see these lost gems and i thank P4PM and YMG for giving us that opportunity.

Sweet English chicks fan said...

Well, looks like the blonde guy got
a good look at the wrapping around
his present he..he. Patti always
looks a complete poppet with her
hair in bunches like this, Rosemary
too, and as for Lulu,she looks like
William Brown's squeeze,Violet
Elizabeth Bott, hmm.. yum. Patti
proves again that,like Rosie,she
can act out a roll,while looking
dead cute doing it. Patts, you fold
me up every time, BRILLIANT. Poor
old P4PM, he never gets to pat your
chubby bits like that,and i bet he'd like to,mucky little beast,LOL

Suefan said...

A little more camera time on Goldilocks would have been nice while one of those guys looks like he's earned himself a high kick!