Monday, 23 January 2012

Hot Gossamer - Supernature

Cringe Alert: the following video clip is a historical document from the nineteen seventies: back then although "blacking-up" was on the way out, Old school comedians like Benny Hill were still happy with that kind of racial-stereotype "humour". If you don't want to be offended, look away.

Here's a Benny Hill Show parody of Hot Gossip, complete with a Kenny Everett-style "naughty bits" introduction from Henry McGee. Featuring Benny's usual cast of beautiful Girls (Pauline Crawford, Louise English, Nola Haynes, Abigail Higgins, Sue Upton, Francesca Whitburn and Sarah Woollett) Benny and Jackie Wright in some seriously dodgy make-up. And Jackie's stereotypicall "afro" fright wig seems calculated to offend.

Benny's chosen the obvious piece of music to dance to here: his studio orchestra's version of Supernature, since Cerrone's original was already associated with Kenny Everett's Show and Hot Gossip in the public's mind.

This routine seems an obvious precursor to the Hill ANgels routines that later became a regular feature of Benny's shows.

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Suefan said...

Of course skitting HG is like shooting fish in a barrel. That said this is well done and most enjoyable.

Ryan said...

Brilliant stuff, i loved this, it made a really nice change. This is Benny at his best and the girls are mega hot too. I say yes please to more Hills Angels, i know there are more routines of theirs knocking about.

Sweet English chicks fan said...

This is Dear old Benny and his crew
at their best.The girls play it for
laughs,as always,and the little guy
always "gets" it. Never offended by
white guys blacking up,what does
offend is the white concept that blacks are children incapable of self defence. "White Chicks" is a
piss take of white girls by two
black actors,my daughters love the
film and regard it as funny when it's patronising in the extreme.
I notice liberal blacks failed to
complain about "stereotyping" of
white girls,funny that.Welcome post

PattiforPM said...

Yes this is fun and Benny did his bit to promote Dance Troupes as we all know.

Ryan said...

Is it me or does the girl at 1.15 resemble Gillian Clarke in that particular shot ?