Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Zoo - Ticket to the Moon

Though Zoo were often more audience cheerleaders than Stage performers, occaisionally Flick would produce a more traditional Choreographed routine for Top of the Pops. Here's one, danced to ELO's Ticket to the Moon.

Thanks to bucksby for the clip.

Watch on telly.com | mobypicture | Download fromMediafire (29 MB)


Ryan said...

Thanks for this one Bucksby/YMG. Ok Sue, Patti and Lulu its not, but this performance from Zoo is so reminiscent of those halcyon days of Legs & Co. Much more my kind of thing this, compared to the Hurll inspired party atmos of that time which i really didnt care for.

PattiforPM said...

Yes I agree, this is one of my faves with Zoo too. Very atmospheric and Flick often did good work with ELO songs. Also it doesn't hurt that the female dancers are on show in this routine!

Suefan said...

One of the best visits to the Zoo to date so thanks guys.

Sweet English chicks fan said...

This is clearly a FC routine, out
front in the old style, and all
the better for it. First impression
is one of, who are these girls, and
where are Legs, and then the sorrow
and disappointment follows you, as
the small boy turns away from the
pet shop window clutching still, his warm shilling because the Puppy he came to see, and love,was gone.