Sunday, 25 December 2011

Legs & Co - Instant Replay (Christmas)

I've posted Lulu, Patti and Pauline dancing to this song on Top of the Pops before: but here's an entirely different version. This clip is from the 1978 BBC VT technicians' traditional christmas blooper tape, and features Legs & Co visiting the VT blokes in their cavernous dungeon. As PattiforPM points out, these outfits are from their Sweet Talking Woman routine, broadcast 26/10/78, so we can roughly date the recording to the last week in October. Sorry for the crummy tape quality, but it's the best I can find.

"The good old BBC Blooper Tapes ... thought up and created by a really clever and funny guy ...Grant Watkins. Sadly no longer with us but such a decent chap wit a wicked sense of humour and who had a big soft spot for Legs and Co. We happily helped out on a few of his classic tapes ... Some Girls ... Nice Legs, Shame about the Face and this rendition of White Powder Xmas. The VT department were all great fun when we did these tapes and a great laugh. Grant, I think was very kind to us and spared us some of our worst moments, but then we did help out by participating!" – Sue

I've already posted their performance from the 1979 blooper tape, Nice Legs, a while ago.

Merry Christmas, folks!

Mediafire download link (8.7 MB)


PattiforPM said...

Great fun this one. Only wish someone had a high quality version. Thanks for posting YMG

Sweet English chicks fan said...

Five CRACKING girls here, oh they
must have been SUCH fun to work
with,especially Rosemary, as usual,
mucking about in her irresistible
way. Patti looks so cute,Pauline,
Sue, Gill all of them, GREAT party
chicks, every one. Ta for the "sneak peek" YMG.

Sweet English chicks fan said...

It's WONDERFUL to see them all
larking about like this,a gang of
NORTY school girls from "Daisy Pulls It Off". LOVE it when Patti
cheekily hops on to that poor guys
lap with a "doink",HOW did his specs NOT steam up. Looks like
"Santa" got his own back by giving
a blonds bottom a spanking,Rosemary
i bet,and RICHLY deserved i suspect
although Patti deserved one as well
for droping her left leg onto his
switches like that. Love all the face close-up's.What with all the wiggling,jiveing,face pulling and general good humour,this is a GREAT clip YMG. You could go to the
ends of the earth, and NOT find a
nicer bunch of girls than these.