Friday, 16 December 2011

Hot Gossip - Animals

Continuing Hot Gossips's later work with Kenny Everett, on his 1986 fourth BBC series. Their music here is Animals originally by (Prince protogé) Vanity.

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PattiforPM said...

I like this one with it's garish background and frenetic action. The dark background shots and split screens are really effective too.

Suefan said...

There is certainly no denying the inventive choreography and ability of the dancers and for once there were no metals bars to be seen.

Carl said...

A rather unorthodox, quirky dance routine and a bit different to Ms Phillip's usual fayre. (a little bit too different for me and unlike Patti4Pm not at all keen on the garish visuals.
Quite gymnastic in places with lots of cartwheel type moves and enough unusual twists like the sliding between group members legs and the shimmying in the last minute or so.
But Purple Rain remains their best dance so far in the 1986 series in my opinion.
There are two more HG routines from this series left to be posted and I'm guessing they are actually the last ever HG routines, since the troupe called it a day after this series.

Sweet English chicks fan said...

If you like this adult dancing,
this one is,as we say, "The bees
goolies". Arlene Philips is one
hell of a choreographer because here, this one REALLY rocks. It's
no good comparing FC to Arlene,
their remits were so different,thus
so were the routines. But this is a
master class in speed,gymnastics,
ballet and sex appeal. Flicks work
was meant to be seen early evening
by everyone, Arlene's, later by adults,Legs could not and in my
view,would not do this, and HG would not look right doing FC's routines. These wonderful contrasts
are now here to see and enjoy,
thanks to this site, it's bold originator and it's loyal followers