Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Zoo - The Crown

Here's another clip of Zoo, Flick Colby's post-Legs dance troupe dance to Gary Byrd's The Crown in 1983.

Gosh, doesn't this early rap music soumd dated nowadays? That relentless bragging. and that Chic 'Good Times" funky guitar figure. And robotic dancing, body-popping, the full late-seventies hip-hop package.

Thanks again to bucksby for supplying the clip.

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Ryan said...

Thanks for posting Bucksby.I`m curious though about Sir Jimmys yellow vest. He has the same one one in our previous L&Co clip from 1977. Ive heard he was known to be a bit of a spend thrift, but to have the same vest 6 years later ! Of course he may have had a job lot of these garments, he wore a similar vest in 1975 and 76 also on TOTPs, infact it may have also been the same one.

carl said...

Yes Ryan you are correct. Jimmy wore this vest quite a few times. The crown in a great track but it is so 1983. Nothing wrong with that though as it is a great year for music. The crown was only released on 12" vinyl in the uk and is therefore one of the few singles from the 1980s that made the top 20 that I don't have on 7".

PattiforPM said...

Well I like the oriental guy's robot and the girl all in white is great but the others are just OK and the guy in tight pants who starts off butt to camera is just too much for an old fuddy duddy like me.

Suefan said...
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Colm said...

The first of two routines in two weeks Eddie Kemp choreographed for the TOTP dancers; not a bad effort to be honest, but there's still a pervading sense it's almost time for the final curtain...

Sweet English chicks fan said...

Interesting one this because if
Zoo was FCs creation,how come she didn't do the choreography? The
style is of the time,fine,but the
girls lack the appeal and beauty
of Legs&co,and for me, the routine
has a little too much "of the street" about it. I think i too can
see her realising her time was
coming to the end.