Sunday, 17 August 2014

Leg & Co. - Walk Right Now ...improved

Here's another upgrade: from 16 July 1981, Leg & Co. dance to The Jacksons' Walk Right Now on Top of the Pops.

There's bags of gusto in this enjoyable performance, but the costumes are definitely showing the first signs of those taste failings that the eighties will become renowned for.

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Legs & Co. - further Uptown Top Ranking

Legs & Co. dancing to Althea & Donna's memorably infectious hit Uptown Top Ranking. on Top of the Pops, 19 January 1978.

Blah blah blah older version clip not working. Yadda yadda yadda posting higher quality version I've found. I'm getting bored trying to think of different ways to say the same thing in these improved/update posts. But anyway, you don't come here for my prose style, do you? It's the clips you want to see, I'm sure.

Hey... I've just realised that the khaki colouring predominant in Leg & Co's outfits for this routine is a reference to the lyrics of the song: “Inna me khaki suit an ting”. Slow on the uptake? Moi?

Warning: DLT's introduction contains an ill-advised attempt at a jamaican accent. Brace yourselves.

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Pan's People - Wedding Bell Blues

Here are Flick-&-Andi-era Pan's People on Top of the Pops, dancing to Wedding Bell Blues by The Fifth Dimension. This is an improved, higher-resolution recording of a routine I've posted previously (more than once).

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Legs & Co. - another Morning Dance

In the normal course of events, the BBC 4 repeats of Top of the Pops would have reached the 9th of August 1979 edition around now, which featured this Legs & Co. routine, dancing to Spyro Gyra's Morning Dance. But of course this episode was presented by in-disgrace Dave Lee Travis, whose face we must not see on the BBC.

I have posted this routine before: but I've recently discovered this significantly clearer recording.

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Legs & Co. - Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) again

Here's a better quality version of this routine, Legs & Co. dancing to The Jacksons' Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground), to replace the broken video in the previously posted version.

One of my favourite routines, I think.

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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Legs & Co. - Because the (previous) Night

Back in 2010, I posted a clip from the TOTP second showing of this performance (11 May 1078): and like everything on this fly-by-night flibbertigibbet internet, it was a here-today, gone-tomorrow bit of video. Of course, by today I mean 2010, and by tomorrow I mean today. I think.

Well, it's gone now: the hosting service lost the video, or the Kopyright Kops sent them an intimidating email, or something. So I thought it was high time I posted it again.

This time, it's the original (27 April 1978) showing: so we get a couple of precious seconds at the start that were cut from the repeat. Neither of these shows has had a BBC repeat, as the original was presented by Jimmy "Beyond the Pale" Savile, and the repeat by Dave Lee "Under A Cloud" Travis.

I can't work up any enthusiasm for this performance, I'm sorry to say, and I don't feel alone: the whole routine seems lacklustre, as if their hearts aren't in it. Choreography, beady outfits, lighting... Or perhaps I'm just projecting my inner "-meh-". It's a Bruce Springsteen song, and I was never a big Brucie fan. While I had to approve of Patti Smith in 1978 because I Was A Punk and She Was A Punk Icon so tribal loyalty demanded it, but in my heart of hearts I was thinking that singing Bruce Springsteen ballads wasn't my idea of punk. And have you read her poetry?

Anyway, I must thank forum regular SuPaLu for this YouTube clip.

watch on | youtube | download from mediafire (19.7 MB) (password: ymg@oftd)

Friday, 8 August 2014

Legs & Co. back in the YMCA

The embedded YouTube clip in my previous post of this routine is now dead: so here's a repost. Legs & Co.'s gender-bending take on the Village People, dancing to YMCA.

Patti's "Indian Chief" costume, being the briefest, is of course the least convincingly blokey. Quite an impressive if oversized war bonnet there. Perhaps this obvious un-chapness is the reason she's stuck behind Gill's "Motorcycle Cop" for most of the performance.

That flickering pseudo-neon sign doesn't really work, but let's be charitable: remember the BBC sparks had a tight schedule on TOTP, probably too tight to get some real neon tubing made to order: thus the more traditionally theatrical chain of incandescent bulbs here.

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